Gingerbread Jersey Cheese has been a family-owned and operated business. Our dairy farming is not only our livelihood, it is our way of life. In 1918, my (Carolyn’s) grandparents and five other families, all close relatives, homesteaded six 80-acre farms next to each other. They built the road to it together. They cleared the forest to farmland together and helped each other build their barns. Situated on the corner of the farm, their first cheese factory was built by my grandma’s youngest brother who shipped their cheese to Chicago.

In 2005, we took our cheese making to a new level with a brand new state of the art factory. Sitting on a 53′ semi trailer, our cheese plant is called “Cheese on Wheels” — a complete mobile cheese processing unit, capable of producing and packaging up to 200 pounds of cheese per day. We have a cat walk and windows where customers can watch us make over 80 kinds of cheese.

We have also developed a milk transport and delivery system consisting of a 500 gallon Zero bulk tank completely enclosed within an enclosed mobile trailer with an automatic wash system in place to transport the milk and hold it until needed.

We do not use any growth hormones on our heifers, nor do we inject our cows with Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) to get more milk from each cow. We strive to keep each of our 50 cows in the best health.


When you buy our cheese you are getting cheese made from 100% Grade A milk, with absolutely no MPCs (milk protein concentrates) , binders, or fillers. The difference in taste and texture will amaze you!

To learn more about “Farmstead Cheeses” in Wisconsin and Gingerbread Jersey Cheese, please click on the images below. Please allow more time for the videos to load.

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